Special General Meeting Reminder

Dear ACAV Member,

A Special General Meeting will be held on Thursday 19 December.
Official notice to members of a Special General Meeting (SGM) was given to members on Wednesday 27 November. The original notice can be found here.

Time: 7pm
Venue: Arnold Hall Lecture Theatre, Centre for Business

Trinity Grammar School

40 Charles Street, Kew VIC 3101

The following resolutions will be proposed as special resolutions at the SGM:

Special resolution 1:

Mr Mike Tomkins be removed from office as ACAV President and the ACAV Committee.

Special resolution 2:

The ACAV Committee is dissolved in its entirety.

A member may appoint another member as a proxy for the meeting. The appointed proxy must attend the meeting in person. To that end, a proxy form can be found here. 

Please note that for a Special Resolution to pass, 75% of the voting members would need to vote in favour.

Many members have posed questions regarding the resolutions and the results should none, one or both resolutions be passed at the SGM. The Committee has sought to clarify these options below.

Why has the Committee proposed Special resolution 1?

Over recent months, the majority of the Committee has lost confidence in the current ACAV President, Mr Mike Tomkins. There are substantive reasons for this loss of confidence but we have needed to be very careful about what we make public.  

What happens if Special resolution 1 is passed? Who will be President?

The Committee will be recommending that nominations for a new president be opened to the membership base and a second special general meeting to be held in January for members to vote for a new President.  

Under the ACAV Constitution the alternative options are: 

  • the Committee may appoint an eligible member of the Association to fill the position or;
  • the post is held vacant until the Annual General Meeting in June. The Committee may continue to conduct business despite any vacancy in the Committee (excepting the Secretary role).

Why has the Committee proposed Special resolution 2 and what happens if the Committee is dissolved?

In the interests of fairness, if members have lost faith in the committee as a whole, then an option is provided to remove the current 13 member committee.

If Special resolution 2 is carried and the Committee dissolved in its entirety, members can elect an interim Secretary and Treasurer as caretakers and call another Special General Meeting to elect a new Committee.

Meeting Business

Business to be conducted:

  1. ACAV Committee Report and Statements
  2. Confirm the chair for the meeting
  3. Confirm proxy voting
  4. Special resolution
  5. Any other business arising from any special resolution carried
  6. Close

Please send any enquiries to the Secretary via [email protected] 


Jackie Bernardi

ACAV Vice President, on behalf of the ACAV Committee

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