The Australian Climbing Association (Victoria) Inc.

The ACAV was created in April 2019 and is in the process of establishing itself as an Incorporated Association. 

You can send a message to the interim committee via the form below.

Nominations for the ACAV Executive Committee are open and elections will be held at the Annual General Meeting in June 2019.  Any ACAV member can nominate themselves or another member (with that person’s consent) for any of the following positions:

  • 1 x President
  • 1 x Vice President
  • 1 x Treasurer
  • 1 x Secretary
  • Ordinary Member (multiple positions)

For more information on the nominations process and the AGM please see our news post.  

Interim Committee members: Jackie Bernardi; Lauren Coman; Hanh Le; Kevin Lindorff; Dick Lodge; Mike Rockell; Matthew Tait; Mike Tomkins; Goshen Watts; Mark Wood;

Special advisers: Keith Lockwood

All membership money and donations collected prior to the AGM are being held in trust by ACAQ.

You can also visit the ACAV Facebook group for discussions, and to contact various members above. 

Email us: