Why do we need the ACAV?
Climbing access is a major issue right now in Victoria. We need an advocacy group whose function is separate from that of a club or a cliff-care organisation. ‘Access’ to your crag is an issue right now in Victoria. If you climb on cliffs in Victoria, the ACAV needs you, and you need the ACAV.

Is the ACAV another a Climbing Club?
No. The ACAV (like it’s Queensland counterpart) will not deal with any issue that is not an access issue.  This avoids conflict with the aspirations of the climbing clubs in the State, and allows the ACAV to provide an umbrella function for the interface to land managers.

Land managers like it because they deal with an interface that understands administrative law, and the clubs like it because they don’t have to melt their brains with the same.

What will ACAV do?
Consult and collaborate with land managers, to promote and protect fair and free access.

Consult and collaborate with Traditional Owners to:
• educate the climbing community about cultural heritage, and
• promote climbing access while respecting cultural heritage.

How will the ACAV do this?
• Work within a system of laws, including the Cultural Heritage Act, National Parks Act and Parks Victoria Act.
• Lobby for appropriate law and policy change.
• Seek expert opinion to decide whether to hold land managers to account in tribunals or courts of law.

How is the approach of ACAV different?
Access works with the system of laws – not the system of people.  An access organisation should strive to achieve long lasting change that benefits future generations of climbers.  Only laws can achieve this.

Deals done between a few members of the climbing community and a few members of an administration make mischief for future generations of climbers. People, both climbers and administrators, move on in life deserting the personal relationships that forged that agreement. Future others are left shackled rather than enabled by the informality that remains.

The success of a National Access Body comes down to a determination to hold land managers to the letter of the law, lobbying to change that law where it is deemed not to be serving the public good.

How is the ACAV (Victoria) connected with the ACAQ (Queensland)?
ACAV and ACAQ are totally independent legal entities with independent executive and finances, each incorporated under the laws of their home State. Victorians will decide what happens in Victoria.

We have used the successful Qld model as a template. We have integrated with their IT systems to provide the appearance of a national organisation. Under Australian law, entities that give the appearance of being national, are in fact comprised of independent state entities.

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