Influence policy development. Have your say.

It is important to ensure the benefits of climbing and related activities are on the political agenda and recognised at the policy level. The following strategies are currently open for consultation. The ACAV is preparing submissions for each of these and are seeking interested volunteers with experience in submission writing to assist. Please get in touch via

The ACAV is encouraging its members to also become directly involved with the below consultations, to ensure the voice of climbers is embedded in the future planning for climbing areas. The ACAV would appreciate if you are willing to share your submissions with us to assist us in our work in protecting and promoting access to climbing areas.

Get involved. More information below including links to the consultation process.

Horsham Rural City Council’s Open Space Strategy

The Horsham Rural City Council is developing its Open Space Strategy which will provide Council with strategic directions to assist with its management of open spaces across the municipality. The strategy directly includes Mount Arapiles and neighbouring climbing community of Natimuk. While there are a number of positive reflections in the draft strategy, it is critical that the benefits of rock climbing are reflected in this strategy – including and not limited to health and wellbeing benefits or climbing, social wellbeing that comes with being part of the community, and the unique nature-based camping experience at the Pines and Gums Campgrounds at Mount Arapiles. Importantly, that any commercialisation should focus on Natimuk and Horsham as the gateway to the climbing areas in the region. This strategy should support the local community and recognise the strong socio-economic and cultural connection to Mount Arapiles and the Grampians/Gariwerd. There are in excess of 30 Licensed Tour Operators working at both locations and more than 50 school groups visit the park annually as well as other groups that use the park to conduct training such as the police, military and fire and rescue groups.

Submissions close on 30 August 2019. Get involved in the Horsham Rural City Council’s Open Space Strategy here

Regional Tourism Review

Share your views via the online form or a written submission to help shape the Victorian Government Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Regional Tourism Review. The impact of the rock climbing bans and restrictions are not yet fully being experienced, however we do know that anecdotally climbing visitation to the Grampians/Gariwerd has reduced since the bans were announced. This is and will continue to directly impact local businesses including Licensed Tour Operators (LTOs) that rely on the adventure tourism drawcard of the Grampians and Arapiles.

The review is currently in the Early Engagement Phase. Get involved in the Regional Tourism Review here

Grampians Landscape Management Plan

Have your say in shaping the Parks Victoria Grampians Landscape Management Plan, which will underpin strategic planning for the Grampians National Park for the next 15 years. This is a critical strategy that climbers should take the time to provide input. Be sure to outline your own views and experiences, particularly the health and wellbeing benefits that you experience as a result of undertaking climbing in the grampians. ACAV understands that climbers will be invited to community consultations however communication has not yet been forthcoming. ACAV is seeking to be included on Parks Victoria’s Stakeholder Reference Group and will also be preparing a formal submission.

This project is currently in Stage Two. Get involved in the Grampians Landscape Management Plan here

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