ACAV President’s Update

4th March 2020 Mike Tomkins

There have been some recent changes on the ACAV Committee. This is a brief update on the comings and goings. We will be providing some positive information on climbing access initiatives over the coming weeks and regular updates are planned to ensure that ACAV members are kept fully informed. The fourth Round Table meeting with Parks Victoria occurs on 5th March and we are anticipating significant updates on the Grampians access situation.

Back in December, eight members of the ACAV Committee requested a Special General Meeting of ACAV seeking a leadership spill. The vote was not successful, and I remained as President, but with minority support on the Committee through January and February.

Following the recent resignation of our Secretary, Leeanne Lindorff, it was necessary for us to seek a replacement for this vital role. The Committee was fortunately able to appoint Kuba Szczepanik as ACAV Secretary.

At a recent Committee meeting, several motions were passed to appoint replacement Committee members after some resignations following the Special General Meeting.

Three new ACAV Committee Members have been appointed as follows:

  1. Vanessa Tocatjian
  2. Simon Carter
  3. Constantine Dritsas

Shortly after these appointments, three members of the ACAV Committee resigned: Goshen Watts, Mark Wood and Lauren Coman.

The ACAV Committee now comprises the following ten members:

  • Aaron Lowndes
  • Andrei Svetski
  • Con Dritsas
  • Dick Lodge
  • Kuba Szczepanik (Secretary)
  • Matt Brooks
  • Matt Tait
  • Mike Tomkins (President)
  • Simon Carter
  • Vanessa Tocatjian

The former Committee members have worked tirelessly for the cause of Victorian Climbing access and I would like to thank them sincerely for the many hours of voluntary work that they have committed on behalf of the climbing community. The above Committee is now focused on a raft of initiatives, working in close cooperation with the Victorian Climbing Club. Stand by for further updates in the coming days.

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