Archaeologist Complaint lodged by ACAV

The Australian Climbing Association Victoria has made a formal complaint to the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists regarding the conduct of a registered Archaeologist, Robert (Ben) Gunn in relation to the nature of his published work, reporting on alleged rock climbing impacts in the Gariwerd/Grampians region.

Complaint letter

Lil Lil graffiti 2015. Photo: Ben Gunn

The outcomes we seek are:
1. To retract the accusation that climbers were responsible for Lil Lil graffiti as there has been no evidence provided to support his claims;
2. To amend the title “Rock Art and Rock Climbing an Escalating Conflict” in the Rock Art Research Journal, volume 37. It is extremely unprofessional to start with a title of this nature in an academic publication;
3. For Mr Gunn to acknowledge his indiscretions, clarify these matters publicly and apologise for his conflict-inducing behaviour;
4. For Mr Gunn to be removed from all future climbing-related archaeological contracts; and
5. A review of Mr Gunn’s registration with AACAI as a consultant to be conducted.

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