Notice of Special Resolution

Sent to members: Thursday 20 June, 2019

Notice is hereby given to all members of the Australian Climbing Association Victoria Incorporated (ACAV) that it proposes to allow established clubs to pay an annual membership fee for its members to become an Associate Member of ACAV.

The following motion, specifying the intention to propose the resolution as a special resolution, is hereby notified according to Part 4, Section 33 of the Association’s constitution.

This motion refers to Part 3, Division 1, Section 14:

14. Associate members

(1) Associate members of the Association include—

(a) any members under the age of 15 years;

(b) a member whose annual subscription is paid through an affiliated club or another organisation as determined by the Committee; and

(c) any other category of member as determined by special resolution at a general meeting.

(2) An associate member must not vote but may have other rights as determined by the Committee or by resolution at a general meeting.


That any affiliated club who pays an annual subscription for its members may be entitled to:

a)     Have official representation at all Annual and Special General Meetings;

b)     Each affiliate club be allowed a maximum of 2 number of official delegates, to be nominated by the affiliate on joining the association;

c)     Such delegate/s will have one voting right for their affiliated club

d)     Such delegate/s may stand for election as an Ordinary Member of the Committee but may not stand for the four (4) Officer Positions (Division 2, Section 44, positions 1 to 4)

This motion will take place at the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 11 July at 7pm, Trinity Grammar School Kew, Centre for Business, Arnold Hall Lecture Theatre located at 40 Charles Street Kew.

For more information regarding the special resolution, please contact

ACAV Interim Committee