The Victorian Climbing Management Guidelines

The ACAV is proud to publish this highly significant document, mapping out a way forward for rock climbing and bouldering management for the state of Victoria, Australia.

20200430 Victorian Climbing Management Guidelines V03-3.pdf

This initiative was commenced by the ACAV in July 2019. The version 3 document has been put together by a group of climbers from across the different climbing groups. We would like to acknowledge the excellent work done by Matthew Brooks as the content manager and driving force behind this publication. We would also like to thank the Victorian Climbing Club for their support and input towards the publication of this major piece of work.

Additional climbing community consultation is now invited, to allow these Guidelines to be further developed across future revisions.

These Guidelines provide a road map for the management of recreational rock climbing and bouldering in Victoria, Australia. It is our intent to build upon the value of positive cooperation with land managers and with the traditional custodians of the land, seeking collaborative outcomes for the future.

You are invited to provide feedback on our Facebook group: ACAV Access Discussion

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