New Permit Requirements for Gariwerd Licensed Tour Operators

Licensed Tour Operators (LTOs) running climbing and abseiling activities in Gariwerd at Summerday Valley and at Lookout Point Wall have been offered new license conditions by Parks Victoria for the financial year starting July 1st 2020:

  • Each LTO must apply for a cultural heritage permit (previously held by Parks Victoria)
  • LTOs become legally responsible for any ‘harm’ – fines of up to $1.65 million
  • The definitions of harm present significant real-world risks for the LTOs
  • If LTOs sign up to this by 19th May, Parks Victoria will cover the cost of permit applications (otherwise $600 per LTO)
  • The new Grampians Landscape Management Plan, due in December, may override these permit conditions during the permit period
  • Only 7 of the 29 LTOs attended the dial-in briefing
  • This is a test case, anticipated to be rolled out for all activities, across Victoria

This new scheme presents a new level of risk for Licensed Tour Operators and their insurers. No alternatives have been offered.

Links to documents issued by Parks Victoria to LTOs on 6th May 2020:

LTO update 06052020

Draft Code of Conduct

Meeting questions

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