More Roundtable Docs – Bundaleer Bombshell

A year ago, Parks Victoria listed Bundaleer as one of five Grampians locations where climbing was acceptable and “not in a protected area”.This week we have received a set of attachments from the March round table meeting showing contradictory information. Now we are informed that Bundaleer has been defined as a Special Protection Area since 2003 via a red dot on a map and climbing will need to be banned across a major portion of the cliff line.

We have been informed that:

“Pending the new plan being finalised, Parks Victoria may need to put in place some additional protection measures in the coming months. Parks Victoria expects that the area from 30m to the north of “Manic Depressive” (and northwards of this point) are unlikely to be affected by additional cultural heritage protection measures. Climbing routes south of this point are likely to be affected by additional cultural heritage protection measures.”

What is going on at Parks Victoria?

Bundaleer, one of the climbing jewels of The Grampians/Gariwerd
Blimp (grade 20) a climb of national significance and historic importance
A year ago, Bundaleer was an “approved” climbing location. Now we are advised that it is not.

Documents released by Parks Victoria this week:

Questions on notice and responses (describes the Bundaleer situation)

Grampians Areas Surveyed

Grampians Set Asides

Grampians Map North

Grampians Map South

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