Quarrying Exclusion Zones – Taipan Wall

The right side of Taipan Wall has been designated a NO ENTRY zone to protect locations where ancient rock breakages have been found. This Taipan (South) exclusion zone includes Spurt Wall. Further smaller exclusion zones are also indicated at several locations along the base of the Taipan left side open section.

Taipan Wall Rock Climbing Information (link)


Below the route, Naja, a tripod sign has been placed on the footpath, discouraging access any further along the footpath to Taipan Wall right side and Spurt Wall

The following photographs show the ‘quarrying’ rock scars below the route, Invisible Fist, believed to be the reason for the exclusion zone at Taipan Wall right side:

SEVENTH BANANA NO ENTRY ZONE (within the open section of Taipan left side)

A tripod sign discourages access to rock breakages beneath the route, Seventh Banana. There are several similar small zones within the open section of Taipan Wall left side:

Detail of this zone from the Parks Victoria information sheet:

The following photographs show the ‘quarrying’ rock scars below the route, Seventh Banana, believed to be the reason for this exclusion zone :


The following information signs have been installed at the Camp Sandy trail-head and at the Trackside boulders, beneath Taipan Wall:


Minor track work has been completed by Parks Victoria, to facilitate these arrangements:


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