The Outdoor Recreation Advocacy Group

The ACAV has joined several outdoor organisations in support of a new advocacy group, convened by the ETU – Electrical Trades Union of Australia, Victorian Branch.

The union has grown increasingly concerned about restrictions on members’ outdoor recreation activities outside working hours. The catalyst for this group formation was recent renewed pressure to ban duck hunting in Victoria.

Members of the group include hunters, fishers, the bush user group, prospectors and several others. The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union is on board and support from other unions is anticipated. Target group membership is 500,000.

On Wednesday 26th April 2023, the ETU funded full page advertisements in the major Victorian newspapers:

The message to the government:

ETU Vic Facebook post

Yes the Animal Justice Party is coming after salami and bacon!

In recent years the Victorian government has used various measures to lock up land and heavily restrict healthy and wholesome pursuits. The Grampians all-of-park set aside bans are a prime example of this and we contend that Parks Victoria is contravening the National Parks Act 1975. We are pleased to be in alliance with strong outdoor groups to lobby for reasonable access for our outdoor recreation activities. Further developments will be reported as events unfold.


Rock climbing is successfully managed internationally, using collaborative management methods, as described within the Victorian Climbing Management Guidelines.

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